About Rashi

Rashi Bijlani is the Founder and President of Asha Hai, which is a one of its kind project for inclusive Pre-School education for children with extra needs. She is an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer. Her experience in the field of movement fosters her belief that dance and movement enhance the smooth interaction of the mind and body.

Rashi holds a double Masters degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology). Rashi conducts various workshops across schools, colleges, hospitals as well as Rehabilitation centers of Delhi to familiarize people with the concept of Dance Movement Psychotherapy while demonstrating its usefulness in a therapeutic setting. She acquired a scholarship in LMA (Laban Movement Analysis) at Shanghai by the INSPIREES and Laban/Bartenieff Institue of movement studies

She believes that in today’s environment we need to instill equity among all individuals. For this she conducts various sensitivity, good touch bad touch, parenting as well as infant care workshops all over the country, for children, adolescents, teachers and parents. She is the head consultant at the Sita Ram Bhartia Hospital at their Child Development Clinic. She is currently closely associated with Shri Edu-Care limited and works as a consultant psychologist with the Shri-Ram Early years. She recently travelled to the Maldives to the Giyassudin International School to strengthen their inclusive education system in their school.

Her novel and unique vision of the society enables her to view the children with extra needs through a new lens. In support of her philanthropic awareness she runs a sponsor a child project at Asha Hai, where Asha Hai supports children in the economic weaker section who have special needs access services from qualified and experienced professionals. In keeping with her ideology, she is a consultant Dance Movement Psychotherapist at various centers for children in Delhi. Her clinical experience is not just limited to children but also includes adolescents and adults with mental health issues and addiction. In her quest to diversify her work, Rashi is also conducting parenting and childcare workshops for parents. She has recently started her unique forum to bring together various professionals of the Creative Arts field, called the Centre For Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP).